Maybe send me a care package

I know what you’re thinking. “You live in Europe!  You have access to some of the best culinary products in the world!”  Yes, that’s true.  The cheeses, the bread, the wine:  these things can’t be beat.  There are farmers’ markets every other day, on every other street corner.  But it’s funny just how quickly you miss the comforts of the familiar.

During my first month here, I discovered the American Market.  I went with an Australian friend to get some candy corn for a British friend.  It’s a tiny little shop, painted denim blue, and crammed with sugary, salty, processed, creamy, fatty, spicy, greasy, crispy, cheesy, chewy…well, American food, anyway.

There are some things that I just can’t find here, things that I used fairly regularly to add to my cooking or baking.  Items like brown sugar (the wet-ish kind with molasses in it), corn muffin mix, seasoned bread crumbs, or condensed soups just don’t exist in Geneva.  And I really need that stuff, especially when I’m cooking up Southern specialties to wow – and inevitably fatten up – my international friends.

Alas, there is a catch.  This Market is insanely expensive!!!  Now, coming from the South (which is probably the cheapest region in the States) to Geneva, Switzerland (the fifth most expensive city in the world) required a big adjustment to my perspective of “worth.”  But even by the Geneva-standard, this place is robbery.  Scroll through some of the products below to see what I mean, bearing in mind that the exchange rate from Switzerland to America is currently almost even, at 1 CHF for 1.07 USD.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not that I would buy non-Swiss chocolate here, but LOOK AT THAT PRICE!

Have you ever seen anything so outrageous?!


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