Octuplets or a Fantasy Novel

Got into mom's lipstick, 1988

me in mom’s lipstick, 1988

I was supposed to be a boy named Kyle Joseph up to the moment I was born.  Everyone told my mother she was having a boy.  The way she carried, all the signs, even doctors thought I would be XY all the way.  About three weeks before I made my debut, a man clad all in black approached my mom as she did her grocery shopping.

uncle and niece out for a walk

Uncle Mathieu and Juliette

“How far along are you?” he asked.
“Eight months,” she replied with a smile.
“That’s great.  Have you picked out a name for your little girl yet?” he questioned politely.
She was a bit taken aback.  She explained to him that she was having a boy, everybody thought so, and that they had decided on a name for a boy.
“No,” he said, “you’re having a girl.  Pick out a girl’s name.”

And then he walked away.  A week later, my mother and godmother decided to pick out some girls’ names just in case.  They wanted a first name-middle name combination that sounded cool on its own, so in case I got famous one day I could drop my last name and have a ready-made pen/stage name.  I’m not famous, but I’ve actually used it in the past in the way they intended, by publishing my book of poetry under it.

Now my husband’s sister is pregnant with her third child, and baby names are zooming through my head.  Mathieu and I haven’t decided for sure if/when we’ll have kids, where we’d have them or how many we’d have (judging by my list, I’d need two sets of octuplets), but I’ve had some favorite names picked out for years.

Princess Juliette

Princess Juliette, my niece

I like the idea of a strong and unique first-middle combo.  The child has the family name at the end of course, but in the beginning they can be whatever they want.  It’s their individual identity, and it should be special.

I’ve included a rough meaning for each name.  Almost all of them have some sort of personal meaning to me, either through language or family significance.  Enjoy, but don’t you dare ever use any of these names for your own children!  Mine! 😉


  • Aspen Jade  (tree + my middle name)
  • Tivona Gabrielle  (Tivona is my Hebrew name, meaning “lover of nature”)
  • Vela Claire  (clear shore; Claire was my class name in high school French)
  • Celestine Aurora  (heavenly dawn)
  • Izabelle Luna  (promise of the moon)
  • Hazel Marie  (Marie is Mathieu’s mom’s and my mom’s middle name)
  • Rowan Clover  (tree + luck; I had a knack for finding 4-leaf clovers as a kid)
  • Simblemyn Rïonna  (immortal queen; pronounced sahm-bluh-meen)


  • Cylus Orion  (man of the forest + hunter of the mountain)
  • Jasper Mace  (rock + my mother’s maiden name)
  • Ezra Felix  (lucky aid; Ezra was the name of my first car)
  • Raiden Marowit  (Japanese god of thunder + Slavic god of nightmares)
  • Oliver Gabriel  (messenger of peace; French)
  • Azor Tovah  (good helper; Hebrew)
  • Micah Holden  (rock + main character from one of my favorite books)
  • Caspian Ember  (sea + spark)
having breakfast, 1991

me having breakfast, 1991


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