What is “Bohemeander”?

Bohemian + meander = Bohemeander

My name is Jess, Jessica Jade, Rabbit to some.  I am an American woman in my mid-20’s.  I recently got married and moved from Knoxville, Tennessee to Geneva, Switzerland.  I wanted to start a blog to share my adventures in this new country.

In America, I was a lot of things.  I was at various times a student and a teacher, a writer and an editor, a Jew and an atheist, a liberal and a Southerner, a waitress and a chef.  I published a book of poetry.  I started a jewelry business, and sold my creations at art galleries.  I’ve lived both with depression and through it.

Now, I’m something new.  I am a wife.  I am a foreigner.  But I brought myself with me.  I will write my thoughts here.  I will share my creations here.  I will figure out what life to lead, and how I can live with being both strange and a stranger here.  I will figure out everything I am, and everything I can be.  I will wander as a Bohemian, navigating the obstacles of life, and meander my way to self-actualization.  Let the journey begin!


6 responses to “What is “Bohemeander”?

  1. Your brother, Jake, has lead me to your blog. I look forward to using it as a model to create my own. Hope you don’t mind. – Gary Gaulin (at Clemson University).

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